Monday, 30 November 2015

FB#19: Autumn Myst - D.E.D

FB#19: Autumn Myst

This month D.E.D takes us on a liquid drum and bass adventure through a fantasy soundscape. This mix features tracks from R1C0's debut EP - On the Horizon which is available at all major online stores now.

R1C0 - On the Horizon:

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Autumn Mist – Actraiser ft. Oscar Michael [Fokuz Recordings]
Painted Skies – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw [Secret Operations]
Taking Flight – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]
Yellow Road – Nelver [Celsius Recordings]
Dragon Song – Parhelia [Abyss Records]
First Light – Packer & Rhodes [Interphase Digital]
Perth Sunset – S.P.Y [Hospital Records]
On the Horizon – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
We Rise We Fall – Utah Jazz [Spearhead Records]
Mountain Streams – Muffler [Spearhead Records]
Lokahi - Thesis [Soul Deep Recordings]
Winter Dream – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
Caya’s Song – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]
Letting Go – Inertia [Scientific]
Rijani – Phil Tangent [Integral Records]
Everlasting – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
The Joy (Face to Face) – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw
[Secret Operations] Abyss – Northern Zone [Limitless]
Days Like These – Monrroe [Soul Deep Digital]
Songbird – Tokyo Prose [Hospital Records]
The Western Tune – PFM [Good Looking Records]
Music – LTJ Bukem (Technicolour Rework) [Good Looking Records]
Trenchtown – Monument Banks [Soul Deep Digital]

Friday, 30 October 2015

FB#18: Future Jungle - R1C0

FB#18: Future Jungle

It all started in the Jungle! Now R1C0 takes you on an hour long drum and bass journey reflecting where jungle has brought us today.

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The Ghost of Jungle Past - High Contrast
All Night (Etherwood Remix) - Camo & Krooked
Amen Alley - Danny Byrd
One For Me - Zero T
Orange Moon - Unknown Artist
Got Ya - Digital
You Looked At Me - Oliver Yorke
Dreamz Dub - Calibre
Dream of You - Calibre
Tatta Ganja - Nymfo, Maduk
Loving Touch - Fracture
One, Two...Madness - Electrosoul System
Need You - Liz-E
Guidance feat. Total Science - S.P.Y
The Searching feat Emmy J Mac - Karma
Wish You Were Here feat Selah - High Contrast
Future Now - Seba, Paradox
Order 66 - Digid
Parallel - Om Unit
Block Breaker - Krakota
I Tol U - Sam Binga
Old Times - Bladerunner
Right Now - Break

Saturday, 26 September 2015

FB#17: Dawn Til Dusk - D.E.D

FB#17: Dusk Til Dawn

Start on the beach, finish in the club! D.E.D's latest mix takes you all the way from liquid grooves to heavy beats, to keep you up all night!

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Seasons - Logistics (ft. Lifford)
Always - Spectrasoul
Soul Escape - Scott Allen
The Ground - Funkware
Blood Orange - Need for Mirrors
Soul Searching - Scott Allen
Leave Me Alone - Phase 2
Last Night - DJ Marky & S.P.Y
Dusty Smoke - Paul SG
One, Two…Madness - Electrosoul System
Mischief Dub - Lurch
Jazz Club - Document One
Stalking Stones - Royalston
Sampha - SpectraSoul Bootleg
Dream Is Over - The Invaderz
Sideways - Ulterior Motive
Sweat - Groove Armada (EAN RMX)
Troglodyte - Culture Shock
Jet Black - Dimension
Pale Blue Dot - The Prototypes
Red Planet - L Plus
The Experience - Dose
Ghost - Delta Heavy
Bring You Love - Cyantific
Resonate - Metrik ft. ShockOne

Friday, 28 August 2015

FB#16: Liquid Nights - R1C0

FB #16: Liquid Nights

The summer is winding down, and the nights are drawing in, there's just enough sun left for one last liquid summer mix from R1C0

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Chillaxin' By The Sea - Gramatik
Sampha (SpectraSoul Bootleg) - SpectraSoul
Soul Escape - Scott Allen
Missing You feat. Collette Warren - Facing Jinx
Stay With Me - Anile
The Wolves (Lenzman Remix) - Amy Steele
Winter Dream - R1C0
Africa - Nymfo, Maduk
Remember You - Technimatic
Rinjani - Phil Tangent
Queen - Stray
Looking Back - Bungle
Timetraveller - Electrosoul System
Paper Sword - Halogenix
Paper Faces feat. Martyna Baker (Ivy Lab Remix) - Lenzman
Days Like These - Monrroe
Your Destiny - Undercover Audio
Control - Bachelors Of Science
Flashbulb - Technimatic
Starz feat. Kevin King (LSB Remix) - Lenzman
To Live Without - Anile
Touch Of Silence - Electrosoul System
Coming Back To You - Reso

Friday, 31 July 2015

FB #15: Storm Chaser - D.E.D

FB #15: Storm Chaser

This month D.E.D tells a tale of terrible Storm with dark half-time and tech Drum and Bass!

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Junkanoo - Kenobi & Dayni
Kim Kong Il - Conduct
Words - Enei & Kasra
Weapon X - The Untouchables
Forlorn - Gremlinz
Future Now - Seba & Paradox
Ghost Palace - Philth & Brenden
Old Ground - Scar
Surface - S.P.Y
Its not me it You - Submotion Orchestra (Alix Perez RMX)
Loop of Love - LSB
Alone - Bungle
Redcliffe - S.P.Y
The Way You Make Me - The Others (S.P.Y RMX)
Tycoon Roller - Conduct
Blackball - Klax
Claptrack - Lynx
Overthinking - DRS ft. Enei & Kasra
Snakes & Ladders - Calyx & Teebee
Incessant - Noisia
Forex - Ivy Lab
Letting Go - Inertia
Vanity - Seba
Control Bachelors of Science
Remembered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten (Anile RMX)
Remembered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten
Healing Rain - Om Unit

Friday, 26 June 2015

FB #14: Funk Soul Bass II - D.E.D

FB#14: Funk Soul Bass II

As we begin our 2nd year of Fat Badger, what better place to start that a sequel to our most popular mix, an hour of soulful, funky drum and bass breaks.

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Fast Soul System – London Elektricity vs Nu:Tone ft. Natalie Williams
Overthinking – LSB ft. Sian Sanderson
Night Vision – Technimatic
No Hurry Time – Logisitcs
She Knows it – Technimatic
Charming & Harming – Rowpieces
Elevated Souls – Rowpieces
Deegee – PaulSG
Breath In – Bcee
1959 – Silent Dust (Calibre RMX)
Centrifuge (VIP) – Technicolour
What I Want – Colossus
Back in Time – Philth ft. Collette Warren
Empyreal – DLR ft. Hydro
Faint – Northern Zone
Flashbulb Memory – Velocity
Sampha – Too Much (Spectrasoul Bootleg)
Dream in Over – The Invaderz
It’s Me, It’s You – Atlantic Connection (Mikal RMX)
Sideways – Ulterior Motive
Jazz Club – Document One
Vapour Trails – London Elektricity (LSB RMX)
The Wolves – Amy Steele (Lenzman RMX)
Garden – T.E.E.D (Calibre RMX)
Always - Spectrasoul

Friday, 29 May 2015

FB #13: Depth Strider - R1C0

FB#13: Depth Strider

Dive to the deep depths for this dark and moody latest episode of the Fat Badger Podcast.

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Copperclock - Kimyan Law
Remebered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten
Gunshotta - Machinedrum
Sermon feat. Loxy - Cern Ruby - Scar
These Things VIP feat. DBridge - Jubei
Parallel - Om Unit
Forgotten Truths feat. Steo - Artificial Intelligence
Loop of Love - LSB
Falling Deep - Foken
Halcyon feat. Grimm (DLR Remix) - Hybrid Minds
Tycoon Roller - Conduct
Moon Palace - Teebee, Noisia
When You're Alone - Foreign Concept
Forex - Ivy Lab
Cobra - Spirit
Gauss Gun - Thesys
Back & Forth - Karma
Silent Sleeper - S.P.Y.
Old Ground - Scar
Operator - Xtrah
Raptor feat. Die - DRS


Friday, 1 May 2015

FB #12: Stomp Pit - D.E.D

FB#12: Stomp Pit

Just in time for the bank holiday weekend, D.E.D has created the perfect party drum and bass mix. Get ready to rave all night in the Stomp Pit!

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High Water Mark - Cyantific
Whip Slap - Dimension
Troglodyte – Culture Shock
Jet Black – Dimension
Cool It Judy VIP - Taxman
Suicide Bassline – Mefjus
Gold Dust – DJ Fresh
Until the World Ends – Black Sun Empire & State of Mind ft. PNC
Backburner – Trei
Pale Blue Dot – The Prototypes
Pacman – Ed Rush & Optical (The Upbeats RMX)
Twerk – Bassment Jaxx ft. Yo Majesty (Sub Focus RMX)
Asteroids - Noisia & Prolix
Warrior Dub – S.P.Y
Unconscious – Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
Heavy Bettie - Neonlight
Jack Nicolson – Black Sun Empire
Want My Love - Metrik & Elizabeth Troy
Blacker VIP - D*Minds & Strikez
Here & Now - Trei
Foodchain - Audio
Weapon of Choice – Optiv & BTK
Magic Medicine - Nerve
Reload – Seismix
Metamorphosis – InsideInfo ft. Miss Trouble
Put It On – Nymfo & State of Mind
The Rat – Black Sun Empire
Killa Bees – Usual Suspects (Inside Info RMX)
Anxious - Icicle
Cannonball – Noisia & Phace
Crawler – Donny
Screamers – Original Sin
One Step – The Upbeats
Love to Me – Dimension
Masquerade – Trei
Overture – Mind Vortex
Cybertron – Muffler (Audio RMX)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

FB #11: Smoke and Lasers - R1C0

In this high energy drum and bass mix R1C0 is ready to hype you up for the weekend!

FB#11: Smoke and Lasers

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00:00 Be There - Hamilton
02:12 Move Faster - Dimension
03:42 Warrior Dub - S.P.Y
06:59 Crowd Reaction - Dimension
08:39 Lock In - DC Breaks
10:30 Heartbeat Loud - Andy C feat. Fiora
12:20 In Lightspeed - Chords
14:09 In To Deep - Optiv & CZA
17:29 Heartbeat - Wilkinson feat. P Money & Arlissa
19:41 Deep in my Heart - Hamilton
21:31 Legacy - Metrik & Friction
23:43 Resonate - Metrik feat. ShockOne
25:57 Here & Now - Trei
27:24 Stardust - S.P.Y feat BCEE
30:21 Distant Shores - Metrik
32:33 Pale Blue Dot - The Prototypes
35:08 Workout - Andy C


Thursday, 26 February 2015

FB #10: Trigger Point - D.E.D

This month D.E.D takes us on a dark & funky tip with an hour of deep rolling drum and bass.

FB #10: Trigger Point

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00:00 Star Voyager – S.P.Y ft. Jenna G & DRS
01:49 Another Star - Villem
03:39 Problem Child – Blu Mar Ten
05:07 When Your Alone – Foreign Concept
06:12 Alibi – Spectrasoul (Break RMX)
08:02 Gauss Gun - Thesys
09:31 You Looked at Me – Oliver Yorke
11:20 Falling Deep - Foken
12:05 Decimal Point – Need for Mirrors & Valentino (Blue Note Mix)
14:15 My Tearz – Lenzman ft. Steo
16:05 Whenever You Need Me - Nymfo
18:39 Golden - Commix
20:08 Rationale - Survival & Paul T
22:18 What You Had – Artificial Intelligence (Lenzman RMX)
23:24 So Real - Flame
24:52 Lasers – Lenzman
26:20 Muderation – Logistics
27:47 Headbangers Ball - Nymfo
29:37 Funktion – Ed Rush & Optical
32:11 Scatter - Friction
34:00 Halcyon – Hybrid Minds ft. Grimm (DLR RMX)
35:28 Time Tripping - Hazard
37:18 Moon Palace - Noisia & Teebee
39:30 Sleepy Hollow – S.P.Y
41:19 Sideways – Ulterior Motive
43:09 These Things VIP – Jubei & dBridge
44:58 Forgotten Truths - Artificial Intelligence ft. Steo
46:26 Take me in Your Arms – A Sides & Eavesdrop
47:53 In Too Deep – Optiv & CZA
49:21 Deadly Premonition - Reso


Friday, 30 January 2015

FB #09: Winter Blues - R1C0

The long dark cold nights of winter getting you down? Let R1C0s new mix, light the fire, serve up a hot cocoa, and provide some smooth beats to help get you through.

Mixed by R1C0
FB#09: Winter Blues


00:00 Less - Nils Frahm
02:44 Say Life - Etherwood
05:39 Time Like Mine - Anile
08:13 Touch Of Silence - Electrosoul System
12:38 Leave - LSB
14:50 Open Palms feat. Rachel K Collier, Phaeleh - Lung
18:09 You Walked Away feat. Hannah Eve - Utah Jazz
21:50 January Silence - Utah Jazz
26:42 Mother of Pearl - Need for Mirrors & HLZ
30:29 No Ordinary Love (Bootleg) - LSB
32:40 Deep Orca - Calibre
35:58 Tenderness - Bulb
41:29 The Unspoken - Technimatic
44:26 Gone (6am Mix) - Kove
47:22 Morning Sun - Changing Faces
51.25 The Clock Ticks - Dub Phizix
53:32 Atomos I - A Winged Victory for the Sullen