Monday, 30 November 2015

FB#19: Autumn Myst - D.E.D

FB#19: Autumn Myst

This month D.E.D takes us on a liquid drum and bass adventure through a fantasy soundscape. This mix features tracks from R1C0's debut EP - On the Horizon which is available at all major online stores now.

R1C0 - On the Horizon:

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Autumn Mist – Actraiser ft. Oscar Michael [Fokuz Recordings]
Painted Skies – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw [Secret Operations]
Taking Flight – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]
Yellow Road – Nelver [Celsius Recordings]
Dragon Song – Parhelia [Abyss Records]
First Light – Packer & Rhodes [Interphase Digital]
Perth Sunset – S.P.Y [Hospital Records]
On the Horizon – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
We Rise We Fall – Utah Jazz [Spearhead Records]
Mountain Streams – Muffler [Spearhead Records]
Lokahi - Thesis [Soul Deep Recordings]
Winter Dream – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
Caya’s Song – Actraiser [Fokuz Recordings]
Letting Go – Inertia [Scientific]
Rijani – Phil Tangent [Integral Records]
Everlasting – R1C0 [Subculture Music]
The Joy (Face to Face) – Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw
[Secret Operations] Abyss – Northern Zone [Limitless]
Days Like These – Monrroe [Soul Deep Digital]
Songbird – Tokyo Prose [Hospital Records]
The Western Tune – PFM [Good Looking Records]
Music – LTJ Bukem (Technicolour Rework) [Good Looking Records]
Trenchtown – Monument Banks [Soul Deep Digital]

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