Friday, 29 May 2015

FB #13: Depth Strider - R1C0

FB#13: Depth Strider

Dive to the deep depths for this dark and moody latest episode of the Fat Badger Podcast.

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Copperclock - Kimyan Law
Remebered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten
Gunshotta - Machinedrum
Sermon feat. Loxy - Cern Ruby - Scar
These Things VIP feat. DBridge - Jubei
Parallel - Om Unit
Forgotten Truths feat. Steo - Artificial Intelligence
Loop of Love - LSB
Falling Deep - Foken
Halcyon feat. Grimm (DLR Remix) - Hybrid Minds
Tycoon Roller - Conduct
Moon Palace - Teebee, Noisia
When You're Alone - Foreign Concept
Forex - Ivy Lab
Cobra - Spirit
Gauss Gun - Thesys
Back & Forth - Karma
Silent Sleeper - S.P.Y.
Old Ground - Scar
Operator - Xtrah
Raptor feat. Die - DRS


Friday, 1 May 2015

FB #12: Stomp Pit - D.E.D

FB#12: Stomp Pit

Just in time for the bank holiday weekend, D.E.D has created the perfect party drum and bass mix. Get ready to rave all night in the Stomp Pit!

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High Water Mark - Cyantific
Whip Slap - Dimension
Troglodyte – Culture Shock
Jet Black – Dimension
Cool It Judy VIP - Taxman
Suicide Bassline – Mefjus
Gold Dust – DJ Fresh
Until the World Ends – Black Sun Empire & State of Mind ft. PNC
Backburner – Trei
Pale Blue Dot – The Prototypes
Pacman – Ed Rush & Optical (The Upbeats RMX)
Twerk – Bassment Jaxx ft. Yo Majesty (Sub Focus RMX)
Asteroids - Noisia & Prolix
Warrior Dub – S.P.Y
Unconscious – Black Sun Empire & State of Mind
Heavy Bettie - Neonlight
Jack Nicolson – Black Sun Empire
Want My Love - Metrik & Elizabeth Troy
Blacker VIP - D*Minds & Strikez
Here & Now - Trei
Foodchain - Audio
Weapon of Choice – Optiv & BTK
Magic Medicine - Nerve
Reload – Seismix
Metamorphosis – InsideInfo ft. Miss Trouble
Put It On – Nymfo & State of Mind
The Rat – Black Sun Empire
Killa Bees – Usual Suspects (Inside Info RMX)
Anxious - Icicle
Cannonball – Noisia & Phace
Crawler – Donny
Screamers – Original Sin
One Step – The Upbeats
Love to Me – Dimension
Masquerade – Trei
Overture – Mind Vortex
Cybertron – Muffler (Audio RMX)