Friday, 31 July 2015

FB #15: Storm Chaser - D.E.D

FB #15: Storm Chaser

This month D.E.D tells a tale of terrible Storm with dark half-time and tech Drum and Bass!

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Junkanoo - Kenobi & Dayni
Kim Kong Il - Conduct
Words - Enei & Kasra
Weapon X - The Untouchables
Forlorn - Gremlinz
Future Now - Seba & Paradox
Ghost Palace - Philth & Brenden
Old Ground - Scar
Surface - S.P.Y
Its not me it You - Submotion Orchestra (Alix Perez RMX)
Loop of Love - LSB
Alone - Bungle
Redcliffe - S.P.Y
The Way You Make Me - The Others (S.P.Y RMX)
Tycoon Roller - Conduct
Blackball - Klax
Claptrack - Lynx
Overthinking - DRS ft. Enei & Kasra
Snakes & Ladders - Calyx & Teebee
Incessant - Noisia
Forex - Ivy Lab
Letting Go - Inertia
Vanity - Seba
Control Bachelors of Science
Remembered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten (Anile RMX)
Remembered Her Wrong - Blu Mar Ten
Healing Rain - Om Unit

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