Friday, 30 September 2016

FB#38: Guest Mix - Fluence (Deep Liquid)

FB#38: Guest Mix - Fluence

Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast:
This months guest mix comes from another popular Mixcloud DnB DJ; he is well know for his deep flowing liquid sets and atmospheric vibes. We are proud present Fluence:

My name is Jason Podsednik (aka Fluence) out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. I've always been a big fan of digital and electronic dance music. I enjoy everything from ambient psy-trance to 80s synth-pop. So I have a very wide range of musical tastes. I started bedroom producing dance music back in the early 2000s using simple and cheap software packages and midi plug-ins, and completed about 6 or 7 albums worth of material before I finally decided that I wasn't very good at it. I slowly moved into mixing sets that included down-tempo and ambient styles. I really had allot of fun doing that until I discovered drum and bass...namely, the liquid side of DnB. We're all on a mission to find what sings to our soul in this world, and this genre certainly does it for me. Now, I am completely addicted to everything deep and dark in the sounds of the liquid drum and bass world. The freedom of expression and creativity that is found within the DnB genre these days is unparalleled.

I've had a fairly successful run on Mixcloud over the past several years compiling and mixing basically every sub-genre of the liquid drum and bass arena. Huge props go out to every single artist whose material I've ever mixed, spoken of, and purchased. They have truly made a difference in my life, and I'm sure, in the lives of other people who tune in.

Big love goes out to Darren (aka D.E.D.) of Fat Badger for having me on the show. It's good people like him that make this all worth doing. I wish nothing but continued success my man. Many thanks from me to you...Cheers!

Show some love for Fluence here:


1. JakWak- Fata Morgana
2. Actraiser- Into The Wilderness
3. Humanature- No Shame
4. London Elektricity- Drop Ship (Bop Remix)
5. M-Zine & Scepticz- Glimpsed
6. NetheR- Sunset Dub
7. S.T. Files, Response- Hard Times
8. Fistfunk- Do It Right
9. Arrient & Artjumper- Lost Souls
10. Woodtekr- Floating Feathers
11. Rainforest- Deeply Rooted
12. Pola & Bryson (feat MVE)- Open My Eyes
13. Salaryman- Your Eyes
14. Grifta- Adrift
15. Phaeleh- A Different Time

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