Friday, 10 June 2016

FB#31: Guest Mix - HAB

Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!

The weather is fine and we have another fantastic guest mix to match. Grab a beer, sit by the pool and enjoy the liquid sunshine vibes of HAB. 

I'm HAB. I generally DJ various bass music (primarily drum and bass), I'm from the northeastern US and have been DJing for over ten years now. My mixes tend to focus on harmonies and continuing a consistent vibe of sonic pleasure while still being groovy and worthy of debauched booty-shaking. I am an Aquarius, I am an egregious perfectionist, and I love mojitos, long walks on the beach, and heavily-filtered LFOs over well-programmed broken Amens. Wait, is this not my Tinder bio?

Un-Cut - Midnight (MIST Remix) - [WEA]
Random Movement - In Space, No One Can Hear You Funk - [Hospital]
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight - [Celsius]
Kasper - Suggestions - [Fokuz]
Phat Playaz - Cover Girl - [Fokuz]
Jaybee & Dave Owen - Don't Front - [Chronic]
Random Movement ft. Adrienne Richards - Soul on Fire - [Liquid V]
Donnie Dubson - Muted Horns - [Fokuz]
Random Movement & Jaybee - Good Enough - [Liquid V]
DJ Marky - LK (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) - [V]
Eavesdrop ft. Keshia - Sweet Escape - [Rubik]
Command Strange - Soulville - [Basswek Files]
Kasper - Scorsese - [Fokuz]
mSdoS - On The Beach - [Soulbass]
Random Movement - Down Somehow - [Innerground]
Kyshido - Vibes - [Liquid Drumz]
Omar - There's Nothing Like This (Al Pack Bootleg) - [Soul Deep]
Sunny Crimea - Sun Goes Down - [Fokuz]
Grifta ft. I-Kay - Late As It Seems - [D&BA]
Random Movement - Yes You Are - [Flight Pattern]
Raw Q - Sweet Pea - [Intrigue]
Chamillionaire ft. Erykah Badu - Honey (Remix) - [Universal]
Mutt - Blackrock - [Inside]
Pixel ft. Tali - Only Way - [Fokuz]
Funkware - Gonna Be - [Soul Deep]
DJ Chap & Level 2 - Golden
Years - [Liquid V]
DJ Stretch - Papa Lover (Serum Remix) - [Stepback]
Artificial Intelligence - Let It Be (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix) - [V]
DJ Chap & Level 2 - Skys the Limit - [Liquid V]
Random Movement - Little Treasure - [Liquid V]
Lenzman - Sugar Hill - [CIA DeepKut]

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