Sunday, 21 February 2016

FB#22: Guest Mix - Rob Vanden

FB#22: Guest Mix - Rob Vanden

Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!

We give a warm welcome to our first guest - Rob Vanden.

Rob Vanden on Soundcloud:

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Daat - AVBD [Forthcoming Detuned Transmissions]
Metro - Impi [Ortem]
Diamond Eye - Cold Start [Modern Urban Jazz]
Heartdrive - When Droids Cry [Pleasure District]
Homemade Weapons - Mind Control [Weaponry]
Overlook & Gremlinz - Dream Logic [UVB-76]
Reskript - Shapeshifter [Break-Fast]
Skadi - One Less Me [Free]
Justice & Metro - Dope Boy [Modern Urban Jazz]
Homemade Weapons - Shujinko MVP [Weaponry]
Heartdrive - Sindicate [Pleasure District]
Metro - Mallet [Ortem]
SpaceMatters - Disorbed [CX Digital]
Dominic Petrie - Ephemerol Test [Ingredients]
Icons - Repro House [Modern Urban Jazz]

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